Why I Started Designing Showit Website Templates

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Launching your beautiful website just got easier! I’m now offering Showit website templates for creators and female-run businesses. Check out the shop for the latest design.
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Throughout the years, making templates has always been one of my favorite things! I get complete design freedom to try out different styles and interesting layouts for myself, with big dreams that they will one day be developed into products. 

See, I have no shortage of ideas, but not always enough time/focus to see them through. A common creative problem?

Funny thing is that I had this urge to get my online template shop and my course running before March… and then Corona happened, and we all know how that’s affecting life.

So my big push to launch website templates got waylayed until here we are mid-July and I’m just going to launch my first website template on the Showit platform. Read on to see why I think that Showit might live up to its reputation as “the new Squarespace”.

Why I design Showit Website Templates Pin

Why am I building templates on Showit?

Last week I started talking a little about Showit and I’ve put up a few posts on my blog about what Showit is. It’s a really fun drag-and-drop builder that’s fun to build on and it’s so much easier to get a completely custom look without code.

So I struggled back and forth between developing templates on Squarespace and on Showit and I finally settled on Showit for the first template because I just don’t love code. And neither do my clients. 

Everyone whom I’ve worked with has always wanted to do things that Squarespace can’t do without code. Or, they have extra changes that they want to make on their own after we work together, but they’re not able to.

So I looked for a friendlier platform where I could create more unique, customizable designs that would be easier to edit. 

I’ve also mentioned how I find blogging such a great tool to grow a business, and Showit works with WordPress. So it was time to take action and try out something new on Showit.

Who are these Showit templates for?

The Showit platform is mainly geared towards Photographers, but many other creative business owners are using it: designers, fashion designers, copywriters, social media managers, influencers, course creators.

Showit – Drag and Drop Website Builder homepage
Showit is geared towards photographers and creative professionals.

So here’s why I started designing websites on Showit:

  1. It’s drag-and-drop
  2. It’s code-free
  3. It works with a WordPress blog
  4. It makes it so easy for my clients to edit sites on their own
  5. I like building things quickly when inspiration comes

Showit is probably the easiest website building platform that I’ve used. And I’ve built on 6 platforms now and counting.

I started getting tired of custom-coding Squarespace sites. For some, it’s fun and challenging to figure out coding, and for others, they’re happy to just hire out the work to a developer. But for me, coding is just not my thing. And I can get really hands-on with a website and not have to worry about code, I’m at my happiest.

Also, when I do design Squarespace sites for clients, I have some go-to code that I insert in every site, as well as some custom Squarespace plugins to make each website look unique.

This can be problematic for my clients when they want to make a quick switch of something that they think should be really easy (this is drag-and-drop after all, right?), but… they have to call on me to fix things.

I think that I can fix these problems with my Showit templates.

First of all, the templates are NOT going to look like Squarespace templates because I can place any element on the page, wherever I like. And I’m not stuck with just 3 – 5 colors and 2 – 3 fonts. 

Read more on Squarespace’s design and styles settings in 7.1

While it’s a good idea to stick to that number for consistency, sometimes you just want to throw in an accent font for fun! Or use shades of the same color without restraint!

In fact, they might not look like Showit templates, either. I’m going for a high designer aesthetic that you can only get with a custom build. That’s easy to customize yourself thanks to guides and tutorials.

Second, Squarespace’s new 7.1 doesn’t have a separate mobile editor yet and sites often load a little slower than I’d like. Showit solves that with a separate, totally customizable mobile view.

Showit Mobile editor view 1

What’s different about my Showit website templates?

There are other Showit templates on the market, but many sites remain just that: templates. They’re built out with 5 – 7 pages. They’re meant to be starter kits to give you the look and style that you want, but you’re left on your own to customize them and figure out how to strategically place all the elements and put together new pages. You can end up buying several hundreds of dollars in add-on templates just to get a fully functional website.

My first template launch comes with 14 pages, meaning that you don’t have to re-invent every single new page; all you really have to do is to watch the setup videos and pop in your own content and you know that you have the robust foundations to launch confidently and make changes on your own as your continue to grow!

And, of course, each site is designed with conversions in mind. Meaning that we’re focused on the end goal, which is different for each business model. So whether you’re a photographer trying to book clients or a coach who wants to create a mastermind, soon you’ll be able to find templates streamlined to fit your purpose.

Coming soon are even more built-out versions and new styles! So sign up for my list to be notified of new releases and some other design kits coming your way soon!

Why I started Designing on Showit Creative Day

The Edit

I am so excited to launch this new line of templates where I can give you premium-level designs for a fraction of the cost of a custom build! Anything that can help you build a better business by design.

Have you tried Showit before? What’s your experience? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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