Layered Lookbook Template for InDesign

Do you need a beautiful look book to advertise your new lines? This 24-page feminine lookbook template helps fashion, lifestyle, and jewelry brands look amazing thanks to its interesting layered design that accents your photographs. It comes with neatly organized layers, object frame styles, character styles, and two color palettes.

The layered images and color boxes combine to create a unique look, which is totally customizable to your branding and the season’s trends. The Layered Lookbook comes with two chosen color palettes, so it’s versatile for Spring or Fall collections, or you can use your own colors and background images to create a unique on-trend design. It’s colorful, feminine, and balances large images with ample white space for a modern look.

You must know how to use Adobe InDesign to customize this template.

This purchase is for the standard license which grants you unlimited personal use but a single-use license for one client.



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