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Friedland + Associates


Branding, Illustration, Copywriting, Web Design

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Friedland + Associates is an accounting and bookkeeping firm in San Francisco that helps local nonprofits and small businesses with their accounting and bookkeeping. The firm’s owner, Rachel, came to me for a redesign because her old site “just didn’t feel like her” and she wanted to work more with Bay Area nonprofits. We created a brand and new website for F+A that had their ideal clients contacting them within just a few days of its relaunch.

Research + Project Goals

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the saying goes. But that’s not always the best way to be successful.

Rachel knew that although there was nothing wrong with her old site, per se, it didn’t say much about what she did. She hoped to streamline her services and reposition herself to work with a certain clientel and to stand out from other Bay Area accountants.

While researching, we found that most accounting websites either looked very corporate or used illustrations in the SAAS tech style. We wanted F+As new site to be colorful and artistic, to represent the vibrant community that she served without using generic stock photos.

We took Rachel’s artistic inspiration of paint strokes, Painted Ladies, and illustrative logos into account and created a colorful palette. The editorial-styled serifs used in the logo and the dark green and purple, however, show F+A to be a modern and substantial brand in spite of all the colors.

Freidland and Associates brand Board of bright colors and new logos
homepage screenshot friedland + associates redesign

Strategic Copywriting + Design

Because Rachel was repositioning, we needed the copy to be strategic and show her streamlined offerings. We siphoned offer site visitors to her Quickbooks Training and Outsourced Accounting services, respectively. This site was designed on Squarespace 7.1 in its infancy, so we took advantage of the platform’s simplicity to created a streamlined layout. We also highlighted several glowing testimonials on each page.

Original Illustration

One final touch was the custom homepage illustration. We used modified scenes from Drawkit on the interior pages, so I created a SF city scene to complement the style on the front page. This was one of my favorite parts of the project, as we planned and revised the flat city scene. The final brand and website are both creative and thoughtful, clarifying what F+A can do, and creating an easy-to-understand experience for site visitors. In fact, within the first few days of launching the new F+A website, Rachel was already getting leads from her ideal clients. Win – win!

Through Kari’s expert process she learned about me and my business to develop a brand, copy, and website that successfully communicates our offerings. She did this by spending enough time gathering information and asking questions to develop this vision. She had the right balance of incorporating my feedback and using her design expertise to develop the site.
Rachel Friedland
Owner, Friedland + Associates
Since working together, parents in her area have been able to find and book Barbara’s services. She’s now able to help more children through one-on-one private tutoring, and also to participate in local literacy initiatives as an expert in her community.
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