How to Easily Switch from Squarespace to Showit

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Learn the 7 basic steps to switch your website from Squarespace to Showit so that you’ll be able to launch with ease.
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So you’ve been going back and forth between website building platforms for a while now, wishing you could find just the right mix of design freedom and simplicity. You’re currently on Squarespace and while your site is clean and beautiful, you just can’t make it look the way that you want! You don’t want to waste time learning code or hiring a developer for small tweaks. You’re finally ready to shove your old website in exchange for a friendlier platform to build and blog on. 

Lucky for you, there’s Showit. Showit is a drag-and-drop website builder that’s easier to use than Squarespace and comes with a WordPress blog. No content blocks. No unruly spacers. You can learn more about the differences between Squarespace and Showit here, but let’s say that you’re already thinking of — or, are ready to — move your site over to Showit. What will it take?

I’ve written out the 7 basic steps to move your website from Squarespace to Showit so that you’ll be able to launch your site with ease. Yes, there’s a learning curve as with any new platform, but if you’re looking for a beautiful, mobile-friendly website builder that also is great for blogging, then read on to see how easy it is to make the transition:

How to Switch from Squarespace to Showit Creative Day

OK, Pre-Transition:

Before you start, I suggest that you get to know the Showit platform a little. Showit gives you a free 14-day trial to play around with the design tools using one of their free templates, and they have a wealth of tutorials to help you get set up quickly.

Even though you won’t be able to learn the full platform that quickly without some kind of formal training, it’s best to get a feel for Showit before committing to the changeover.

So you think that Showit might work for you? Now we’re ready to start:

1: Leave your Squarespace site up

You don’t need to do anything with your old site unless you’re so ready to ditch it that you can’t even wait a week or two.

If you’re not drastically overhauling your look and messaging, you might need to reference your current Squarespace site during the process. In particular, you should:

  1. Know where your domain is hosted. You might need to change or disconnect settings via Squarespace
  2. Know your website URLs so you can properly configure the SEO once you move platforms (I keep a Google Spreadsheet with all my blog URLs)
  3. Have your login details on-hand so that Showit can migrate your blog if you have one

So just leave your site alone for now.

Mari Showit Template laptop and phone mockup
Mari Showit Website Template Launching Soon

2: Choose a Showit Template or work with a designer

As mentioned, when you sign up for Showit, you’ll have the option to start your new website on a free Showit template or to buy one. Most of the free templates are single-pagers, so if you’re going to build out a full website, I would recommend either purchasing a pre-built designer template (like one from my shop), or hiring a designer to create a custom Showit website (I do that, too!).

If going the template route, you’ll get a license key and instructions on how to install your template.

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3: Fill in your content in the new Showit template

If you already know your brand fonts and colors, what you want to say on your site, and which images you’ll use, you can completely customize your site within a few hours or a few days! One feature that makes this possible is Showit’s media library, where you can upload all of your site images and access them for any gallery or insert them on any page. 

While Showit IS an easy platform to learn, there is still a learning curve like with any new software. My templates come with a Showit mini training course, too, so you’ll learn how to customize your site yourself, but you can also hire me to customize your site for you within one week. 

4: Hook up your blog (Showit does it for you)

If you don’t currently have a blog on Squarespace or you’re ready to start from scratch, you can skip this step. But if you are migrating your content over, Showit can help!

Showit works in conjunction with a WordPress blog. So while the design of your site and the look of your blog pages are done through Showit, your content will be hosted on WordPress. Just ask the Showit team to create a new blog or hook up your existing one. They will migrate 50 or most posts for free (depending on your plan). Within a few days, you’ll have your new blog set up and you can start writing posts again. 

But wait, we’re not live yet! Just a few more things to tick off.

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5: Test to make sure that everything works

One very important step is QA testing. It would be really embarrassing to launch your new website only to see some glaring typos or that some of your links don’t work. And while your darling readers might be helpful enough to catch these faults quickly and notify you, let’s save them the trouble!

Before you launch, be sure to proofread your website with a fresh pair of eyes (like, morning time rested eyes, or someone else’s eyes), test all your links and buttons (including social links and forms), and check both the desktop and mobile versions of your site.

6: It’s time to go live!

When you’re ready to set your new site live, you’ll need to purchase a Showit plan. There are a few ways to connect your domain, so you’ll want to read Showit’s help docs and get in touch so they can help you connect your domain the right way.  

7. Cancel your Squarespace subscription

Once your website is live on Showit, you can cancel your Squarespace subscription.

It’s really that easy!

Yes, it is possible to switch from Squarespace to Showit with minimal headaches by following these simple steps. To recap, here they are again:

  1. Leave your Squarespace site up
  2. Choose a Showit template or start from scratch
  3. Fill in your content
  4. Hook up your blog
  5. QA testing
  6. Go live!
  7. Cancel your Squarespace plan

If you’re looking for beautiful Showit website templates designed for creatives, check out our new line of templates in the shop and sign up to hear when these go live!

Moving from Squarespace to Showit Creative Day

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