How to Earn More This Black Friday (Even if You Don’t Have a Product to Sell)

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Black Friday is a pressure cooker for bloggers and business owners. Trying to think up new offers, create sales funnels, and write emails can have anyone's head spinning. If you're in the last-minute Black Friday rush, here's a post to help you still make sales this shopping weekend.
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner again, and wasn’t it just this time last year when you were promising yourself that next year, I will do something great for BFCM?

I hear you, and you’re not alone if those thoughts have been stressing your out for months because you know you want to take advantage of the biggest online sales days of the year, but you’re also worried that 1) You don’t know the perfect things to offer, 2) you’re afraid of being too pushy, and 3) you just don’t have time to figure out how to put it all together!

Sometimes the indecision stands in our way of just creating something and seeing where it leads! Sometimes we’re too worried about getting everything *perfect* so we never are brave enough to try something and fail. (We also miss the opportunity to reap good results, too!)

If this is the case for you, just stop scrolling on Instagram right now, get off your competitors’ feeds, and just put your foot down on creating your own income this shopping season!

In this post, I’m going to give you some ideas so you can create and launch something really fast, even if you don’t know what to make just yet. No, it’s not any magic potion (though I wish I had one to get things done!), but it is a few solid ideas on how to create your Black Friday offer and get it up in just a short time!

And if you know that you really won’t have time In this post, we explore some alternative ways to earn more through selling others’ products (aka affiliate marketing). If you can dedicate even a few hours in the weeks before Black Friday to working on your plan, then you’ve got! You can have the best Black Friday ever!

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through one of our links, we will earn a commission. Thank you!

Why Should You Care About Black Friday?

I know it’s tempting to dust BFCM under the rug because, let’s face it, you probably have a lot going on right now! But Black Friday is one of the most active (and lucrative) shopping days of the year (trumped of course by Super Saturday, the Saturday before Christmas).

While most things are discounted over the 4-day-weekend buyathon, many online entrepreneurs hold off on getting subscriptions and new hardware until it becomes deeply discounted during this time. (Raise your hand if you already have a list of what you’re going to purchase this year come BFCM!)

So, if you’re in the online space at all, whether you’re a designer, developer, or you sell on Etsy, you can get on other people’s lists! And seeing that this year’s Black Friday weekend is going to happen mainly online, and projections are for at least $10 billion in spending, it’s a great time to get in on the action and create income to boost your business.

What Can You Create on black Friday?

So I assume you’re of the let’s do this mindset! Great, so what can we create in a few hours, in just a few week’s time? Here are some ideas!

Create Digital Products for Black Friday

Do you make digital products? If not, now’s the time to start! To plan your first products, think about something that can give your audience a quick win. 

Can you make a template? A workbook? A mini-training? All of these are easy to create, can provide excellent results for your customers, and can help build towards a consistent stream of passive income even beyond Black Friday.

If you’re creating a digital product, I suggest you use a template to shortcut your production time. Grab some great Canva templates from Creative Market and start customizing them with Canva. Ebooks are some of the quickest products to create, they provide a lot of value to your readers, and you might already have some blog posts lying around that you can reformat and share.

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Powered by Creative Market

Create a course or membership

If you’re setting your sites bigger, you can start brainstorming for a course or membership that you will launch by Black Friday. But here’s the thing: You don’t have to create all of the content yet! You can create a landing page and pre-sell your course or membership for a discount price, and only give members a sneak peek or short lesson in the beginning until it’s ready!

You can just put up a sales page on your website to tease the content, or you can go ahead and create a subscriber’s hub in the platform of your choice. (I use MemberVault to create a customer-first marketplace where you can see my products together, and also because MemberVault has the most features for the price. I’m still working on my account, but you can take a peek at it here!)

Creative Day Membervault

There are so many course platforms now, you can shop around and try a few out before you settle.

Create Discounts and unique Offers

If you already have products, it’s time to think about discounts and bundles. Often, people expect larger discounts on Black Friday, at least in the 40 – 50% range. You could give huge discounts on digital items, or even discounts your services for a specific time period. Or, offer a discounted mini-service.

For example, say you’re a coach or consultant. If someone can’t afford your hourly rate, offer a 45-minute mini-session to help them get their foot in the door, and get a taste for your coaching style. Later, they might be able to afford a higher-tier offer or join a course or membership when they can. (And they might be able to provide a great testimonial, too, which is worth its weight in gold!)

Other ideas for sales and discounts include social contests, daily deals, bump sales, or just selling a discounted bundle of some of your products.

Pro Tip: If you DO create a discount, attach it to a funnel to increase the order value of your cart. For example, if someone opts-in to your low-ticket offer, you can send them to a tripwire

While it’s easiest to use funnel-building software like Leadcart (because you can get more detailed analytics and reduce page load speed for your website), you can also create a funnel in Elementor with Cartflows.

Leadcart homepage preview
Leadcart is a great alternative to Thrivecart.

Affiliate Marketing: Promote Others’ Offers

If you know that you won’t have time to create your own offer, you can always benefit by recommending services and products that your audience can use. Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to start earning money from your blog or creative business. And though you might not earn that much to start with, some affiliates make multiple 5-figures from promoting other people’s launches.

Where to find great affiliate products to promote? Think about what tools and software you use on a daily basis. What helps you keep sane and get things done? What makes your life more fun? Chances are, people like you would love to hear about it!

Related: See My Favorite Tools and Courses on My Resources Page

Think of courses you’ve recently taken and any memberships that you belong to. Sign up to become an affiliate of those people so they’ll inform you in advance of any discounts.

Electronics and software do particularly well this time of year, but you can promote anything from clothing to baby items if you’re a member of Amazon Associates. Then you’ll earn commissions from Amazon on the sale of any product when someone clicks through and buys from your link, whether it’s a subscription to Amazon Prime or a new computer. (Amazon terms and conditions apply.)

You can expand your earning even further and sign up for affiliate networks like Awin or Shareasale and get access to hundreds of their partner affiliate programs. Many of the big online publishers and e-commerce stores run their programs through umbrella affiliate organizations like these.

Use My Black Friday Deals Page Template to Get More Sales!

Creating your Black Friday offer only gets you halfway there, but you also need a way to sell and promote it! Apart from email marketing, one of the easiest ways to get eyes on all the deals is to create a Black Friday Deals page.

I frequently check the Resource page of other bloggers to see which tools they use, and this Black Friday, I decided to create my own Black Friday Resource Page to share the limited-time deals from my favorite companies! 

And then, I thought that you might like to do the same so I created a fully customizable Elementor template that can save you hours and potentially make you thousands. It works for Elementor Free and Pro. And once Black Friday is over, you can update it as the seasons, or your offers change! See it in the shop here >

Black Friday Promo 2020 Laptop Image

Do you want to make this your best Black Friday to date?

Then now’s the time to start getting ready! We only have a few more weeks before the madness begins, and you want to make sure that you have everything in place to profit this shopping season.

But don’t worry if you can’t get everything together just yet. You can always build on whatever work you do towards creating a product or promo so that you’ll be even more ready next time a sales day rolls around!

What are your best deals for Black Friday? I would love to hear! Drop a line in the comments below if you have something you’re proud of sharing this Black Friday!

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