How to Get Your Digital Products Into Bundles

2020 was the year of the bundle and this post will tell you how you can get in on one of the hottest marketing trends for creatives
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If there were three marketing trends that stood out for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs in 2020, they would be 1) Bundles 2) Summits and 3) Pivots.

Since 1:1 client work took a backseat (or, was just plain impossible) for many, small business owners had to get creative to survive.

Constant pivots and launches became the norm as online creators refined their offerings, built new courses, made unexpected partnerships, and pooled their talents together. 

This didn’t always mean discounting their goods and services. In fact, many savvy business owners launched high-ticket packages coaching programs. But, we also saw low-ticket offers and bundles, in particular, were a popular way for creative entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience and get more eyes on their offers.

People were bundling everything: courses, Canva templates, workshops, 1:1 training programs, memberships — you name it. If you had a digital product, you probably could find a bundle to get it in.

I bought several bundles this past year and participated in my first bundle, and thought by the end of the year I was feeling thoroughly bundled out, I want to share what a great marketing method this is for digital product creators.

So let’s explore what goes into a bundle and how you can start thinking about getting your own digital products included in a bundle.

This post includes affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission if you purchase through my links.

Why are digital bundles so popular right now?

But first of all, let’s look at it from a consumer point of view. There are many people like me out there who invest in not just one, but many bundles each year.

Bundles are like a buffet where you get to taste a full spread of subjects to help with several areas of your life or business. 

For example, business bundles often include something about mindset, social media, operations, finances, selling products, email marketing, and maybe a few other courses and ebooks on related subjects. 

Most likely, it would take you several months, if not years to get through all the material and by then, marketing strategies may have changed!

I know that each bundle I purchase is going to contain many courses that I don’t need, so I only invest in a bundle if there’s a course or two that I already wanted to buy on its own. 

For example, last year I bought a bundle because it included The Affiliate Program Toolkit by Zoe Linda, which is the go-to course for creating an affiliate program for your brand. I couldn’t invest in it as a stand-alone, but I’m so happy that I was able to get this course in advance and then use it when I was ready to set up my own affiliate program.

How can you participate in bundles?

But aside from buying bundles, you might also want to participate as a bundle contributor or an affiliate.

While you won’t always get paid for sales–or you might get paid only for purchases through your affiliate link–getting a product in a bundle is a great way to introduce your brand to others and grow your email list. And you’ve probably heard by now that “the money is in the list”…

But there are a few more things that you should think about strategy-wise before you jump into bundling your products. Let’s look into them.

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Get Your Products in Digital Bundles List Creative Day

You can create stand-alone products or offer part of a larger product

You don’t have to have a custom-made product for a bundle, but it doesn’t hurt. You can sell what you already have.

Don’t have a digital product yet? Now’s the time to get started!

Anyone can create digital products around their expertise. It might be easy for you to write an ebook, create templates, or record a mini-training to submit. 

Have a blog? Bundle up a few posts or record a video of them instead of call this your first digital product.

If you’re not already creating digital products, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with people, share what you know, and grow your business.

But if you do have digital products already, you can read on to find what to do next.

Find bundles that align with your niche and your audience

Look for bundles that will benefit your audience. For example, if you create content around digital products, you might do well in bundles catering towards online business owners, stay at home mothers who want to work online, or creatives and coaches who want to start selling digital products.

All of those niches might be a good fit for you, but you’ll honestly have more success the more niche-specific that you can be. Ideally, you should look for bundles in your own niche or closely related niches from creators who are not directly in competition with you.

Why is competition important? Because you’ll be better positioned to capture attention when your product isn’t something that the bundle creator already offers, and when you’ll be the key placer in your specific space.

So for example, if you teach affiliate marketing, you might not want to join a bundle where there are several other affiliate marketing courses. Or, if you do, make sure that your offer somehow stands above those from the other contributors. (You might not always know this in advance, but just sayin’…)

Know the bundle terms

What will you receive as compensation for joining? Do you get a portion of bundle sales? Can you capture buyers’ email addresses? Can you send them to tripwire products or an upsell?

These things are important to know in advance because you want to make sure that your time and effort are worth it. 

For example, I’ve heard that some bundles don’t let you capture email addresses if you’re submitting an ebook because of the way they deliver files.

Also, what are the bundle’s terms of sale? Can people get refunds? Can you be an affiliate for this bundle? Be sure you’ve looked into everything before you submit your product.

When you’re ready, submit your product 

Follow the submission guidelines and be sure to pay special attention to the way you package and deliver your product. You want your product and the download/signup experience to be as smooth as possible so that the people who purchase from you will have a great experience.

Very often, this will be their first contact with your brand and it’s your first chance to gain a lifetime customer. We all know how important first impressions are!

Digital Marketing Agency Laptop Creative Day
Be sure to create clear marketing strategies including email and sales funnels before you launch your offer.

Have marketing systems in place before the bundle launch

Be sure to create a solid delivery and follow-up experience for purchasers.

Will you be sending people to a landing page or directly to your cart software? Have you created an email sequence to nurture subscribers? Are all of your links working?

These are things you need to map out and test before the bundle goes live

I could have done much better before my first bundle submission. I only found out that I could participate in it a very short time before the bundle went live and I was using a new platform that required a lot of technical setup. 

I spent 2 or 3 days packaging my new product, creating graphics, training videos, and setting up my platform to be ready for the launch. (If you’ve ever done this, you’ll know that 2-3 days is not enough time!)

But I didn’t set up an action to be notified by email when someone submitted their quiz answers, so when someone had a technical question and I wasn’t online, I missed the chance to support them.

In the future, I’m switching my course platform to Podia so that it’s easier for people to access my digital downloads and courses, and so that I can better manage my funnels.

Another way to participate in bundles is to be an affiliate for them

If you really believe that your audience would love an upcoming bundle but you can’t get your product ready to submit in time, you might still be able to promote the bundle as an affiliate.

This is often possible when you’re a current affiliate of the person who’s organizing the bundle, but not always. That’s because sometimes sale proceeds go to the contributors (again, sometimes but not always).

But a platform like Ultimate Bundles, which offers The Genius Bloggers’ Toolkit alongside many other niche-specific bundles, does accept affiliate applications and their bundles are usually well-received. Some people report making thousands within a single week from promoting their popular bundles!

Anyone can launch a digital product and participate in a bundle

Really, anyone! It doesn’t take much to brainstorm a digital product like a planner, ebook, or even a mini-course that relates to your niche. 

And once you have a digital product, you can enter it into several different bundles, create your own bundle, or offer it as a stand-alone tripwire to your other bundled products. There are many creative ways to use bundles to grow your list and income.

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to go out and create a product and start advertising your business to a wider audience. The bundle trend isn’t going away soon, and the faster that you take action, the sooner you can see success!

Have you participated in any bundles before? What was your experience? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “How to Get Your Digital Products Into Bundles”

  1. Great tips! I’ve had it on my to-do list to submit to TGTBK each year and keep forgetting. Wll have to get on it!

    1. Kari Livingston

      Hi Marlene, thanks for your comment! Love your blog! I think it would be worth it since it’s such a popular blogger bundle each year. They don’t publish their submission schedule, but say to submit as soon as your product is ready to be considered for different bundles throughout the year. Here’s a submission link for anyone interested:

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