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Free Course

Intro to Canva

Learn how to edit our templates with Canva’s fun and easy tools, even if you’re totally new to design. This is the best place to start if you’re new to using Canva or need a refresh on the basics.

Template Designer

Make Passive Income

Learn how to design standout Canva templates with my signature course. In 2020, I transitioned to making passive income with Canva templates and now, in this course, I share all of my secrets to help you scale your biz the same way!

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Kind Words

Learn How to Make Passive Income With Your Art in Canva

For Artists

Earn From Your Art

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Style Workshop

Gen Z Workshop

Join me as you sit over my shoulder for a full 2.5-hour design process while I create original templates with the Gen Z look. This is a modern, trendy look that is much in demand on social media and with big brands to woo younger audiences. You also get a style pack.

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Free Canva Templates

Want an ever-growing library of free Canva templates? Click through to my Creators Profile and be sure to follow for new designs.