The best feminine styled stock photo sites to boost your marketing

You know how important it is to keep your feed looking fresh… but it just takes so much time! Enter feminine stock photos. I’ve collected the best styled stock membership sites that are made to help you get more reach for your marketing. Here,s you’ll find a list of websites that offer gorgeous mockups, stock photos, flat lays, presets, templates, and more!
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Beautiful imagery is the creative’s secret weapon to catching someone’s attention and fitting in with their style. Photography instantly connects (It’s why we love Instagram!), but most of us don’t have the time/ creative inclination to shoot our own beautifully styled images. And having to keep our feeds fresh with maybe 90 new images per month? Yeah, not gonna happen.

Think about those beautiful websites and Instagram feeds you’ve been following. Most of them use stock photography. And although it’s important to ourselves and our integrity to be as authentic as possible, it’s the honest truth that people will like and trust your business more if you look more professional.

So what’s a girl to do when she wants to look amazing but doesn’t have the time to do it all herself?

The best option is going stock. But not with just any ordinary free stock sites (Unsplash, I love you, but I’m not in the market for the avant-garde.)

In today’s post, we’re exploring some of the best stock photo and membership sites for female entrepreneurs. And no, these sites don’t just have images of bouquets and macaroons. If you’re running an online business and your target market is other women, these stock photo websites are for you.

The Best Styled Stock Sites for Women Cretaive Day 1

Ps – read to the end for a few more thoughts on working with stock images 🙂

PSS – Some of these are affiliate links, which means I make a small profit if you make a purchase through those links. This helps me keep creating great content for you. TIA!

Here are my favorite picks for feminine styled stock photos.

Kate Max Stock

Kate Max stock has high-quality lifestyle images, the kind that you’d expect to see in a magazine. Interior scenes, flat lays, device mockups: they’re all here in this gorgeous thousand-strong photo collection. Kate Max’s subscription pricing is higher than many of the other photo memberships listed in this post, but it could be a one-stop-shop for all of your blog and social images. You can subscribe to this site with monthly payments (30-image download limit) or quarterly payments for unlimited downloads.

Offers: Single photo purchase, and Monthly or Quarterly membership
Best for: High quality, professional lifestyle images
Sign up for Kate Max Stock

ipad on the table

Sourced Co

Sourced Co is different because unlike many of the other stock sites for female entrepreneurs, their target audience is mainly wedding professionals. (Though I must say that if you search around their site enough, you’ll find some photos that I’ve used on my creative studio website.) Sourced Co was the first stock shop that I bought images from because their subjects, image quality, colors, and the variety of angles they include in each image pack is amazing. You don’t have to worry about repeating yourself because you have such a variety of subjects within a single collection. You can also email the wonderfully helpful girls behind Sourced Co to inquire about accessing past image collections 🙂 Use the code MAKEBE15 at checkout for 15% off any purchase in The Shop as well as for 15% off the first 3 months of a subscription.

Offers: Membership, Image Packs
Best for: creating a cohesive image collection, wedding professionals, calligraphers, and so-on
Sign up for Sourced Stock Co

Haute Stock

Just as its name suggests, this subscription service (“haute” in English)… you know, haute couture, haute stock? Right. Now that we’ve got that straight, you know what you’ll expect from Haute Stock: clean and refined images, lots of beige and white (and some black and pastels, too!). They’ve got you covered to help you upscale your brand. Also, check out their helpful tutorial library on how to use their photos for your design projects.

Offers: Membership only, Quarterly and Annual Plans
Best for: Highly curated lifestyle imagery
Sign up for Haute Stock

IvoryMix biz babes min

Stock by Jewels

If highly stylized photos aren’t your thing and you’re looking for more authentic, bright, and colorful images, you might like Stock by Jewels. Julie created this stock site after she felt that there were not enough images portraying “real women entrepreneurs in their 40s and beyond”. At first, I thought that these photos were for a very niche audience. But really, the gorgeous photos are unique and would appeal to many entrepreneurs and female service-based businesses. After all, life doesn’t stop at 40, does it? It can just keep getting better 🙂

Offers: Membership and photo/Canva template bundles
Best for: Clear and colorful photos that look authentic and positive

Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix is another membership that offers a lot more than stock photos. What I like about it: A large variety of images including desk scenes, people with mugs (for your mockups), and home comforts. Most of these images are ideal for Pinterest pin backgrounds, workbooks, and social media and you can choose the size that you’d like, so you don’t have to spend more time resizing or cropping gargantuan images. As a side note, I signed up for Ivory Mix’s emails and felt so supported by all the tips and advice that Kayla gives out in her newsletters on how to use the images to up your social media presence. You can sign up here to get a discounted yearly plan which includes images, social captions, Canva templates, and courses. Go check out their site here for the savings:

Offers: Quarterly or Annual memberships
Best for: Image variety and other assets to grow your online presence
Sign up for Ivory Mix


SC Stockshop

SC Stockshop has gorgeous styled images of everyday things. While they do have a few lifestyle images, their strength is in product flat lays, and their photos have been used by The Everygirl, Vogue, The Knot, and many more TLB (top-level brands 🙂 You can shop by color or collection, and they currently have a special collection of gorgeous flat lays for stationery professionals (think Wedding invitation designers). This site helps keeps your images semi-exclusive, too; after each collection is purchased by 10 people, it’s pulled from the shelves, helping you stay consistent without looking like everyone else.

While some of their imagery looks like what you’d expect from feminine stock photography, they also have some unexpected gems that you won’t find in other stock sites. Hurray to having your own professional photographer with a trained creative eye to keep your feeds looking amazing! And speaking of feeds, see the next one on our list…

Offers: One-off purchases and Collections
Best For: Anyone who likes bright colors and professional-looking photos
Sign up for SC Stock Shop

Social Squares

This is offering #2 by the same Shay Cochran who runs SC Stock Shop. In this subscription service, you get unlimited access to SQUARE photos to feed your feed. If you do the math, you’ll need about 90 new images each month to post consistently (1 – 3 times per day). That’s a lot of time you could free up to do other important things if only you subscribed to Social Squares to get unlimited photo downloads. And though these images are ideal for Instagram, you can also use these styled stock photos for your other marketing like Pinterest, ebook creation, and more.

Offers: Monthly or Annual Subscription
Best for: Making your feed look amazing
Sign up for Social Squares

girls boss 1

Styled Stock Society

I love membership sites like Styled Stock Society, which save you tons of time in creating photos, templates, and captions for your content. SSS offers sleek, clean, and very feminine stock photography for female entrepreneurs. Think pink and blush desktop collections, immaculate interiors, photos for wedding photographers, and some colorful lifestyle imagery thrown in. This is a popular membership that has been around for many years, so if you’re marketing to an upscale feminine audience, you might enjoy this membership.

Offers: Quarterly, Annual, and Lifetime plans
Best for: Bright and upscale photos
Sign up for Styled Stock Society

Girl Boss Stock

High-end, editorial-style stock images for girl bosses. I love this site’s collection of themed images, complete with mockup scene creator items. The photos at Girl Boss Stock are styled with feminine workspaces fit for any designer, magazine and fashion layouts, beauty products, and hygge home comforts. And lots of mockups. They’re also themed so, for example, if you use a certain filter or preset on your Instagram photos, you’ll probably find something here to match the look.

Offers: Monthly membership
Best for: Fashion and lifestyle bloggers, designers
Sign up for Girl Boss Stock

SummerCollection1 moyo vases

Moyo Studio

All of those effortlessly stylish designers that you follow? They’re probably using Moyo mockups for their design projects or on their own websites. Moyo has an amazing array of themed photo collections and mockups ranging from lifestyle to workspace (and even one masculine workspace pack) to product. Their aesthetic is so chic and their props so well-placed that you’ll have to buy at least one product if not opt-in to join their membership.

And even if they don’t have the perfect mockup that you need, it’s easy to create your own in Photoshop using their images as backdrops. If you’re a designer, or you’re rebranding or building a new website, do check out their stylish photo bundles and save yourself a lot of time.

Offers: Membership, Image Packs
Best for: creating a cohesive image collection, design mockups, web and branding projects
Sign up for a Moyo Studio membership

Her Creative Studio

“It’s in the details” reads the header image on Her Creative Studio, and by looking at their images you will see what they mean: delicately styled, sophisticated photos for creative business ladies. Her Creative Studio brings you tech mockups, styled desk scenes, and lifestyle images. These bright and feminine photos will help your brand look calm and collected, and very professional. You can purchase one-offs or a membership plan for access to the full site. There are currently more than 2,000 photos for you to download.

Offers: Single purchases and Biannual or Annual Membership
Best for: Website imagery, and lifestyle Bloggers in several different niches

Sassy Styled Stock

Blogger Anita Dementura has a limited but gorgeous selection of stock photos available via her blog. I love that her photos aren’t your classic stock site photos, but look like real spaces and incorporate a lot of color. These photos are great for brands who don’t want to look like everybody else! Just my type 🙂 You also get access to some Canva templates. This is a one-time purchase and great for finding imagery for your website.

Offers: One-time purchase
Best for: A colorful selection of styled desk images

she+bold+stock+image min

She Bold Stock

She Bold Stock is for those of you who DO love pink and gold! (And who doesn’t, really?) Though the website is loud and bold when you land on it, you get over 3,000 images with a membership, most of which are styled lifestyle photos. This subscription also includes images of women of color, which some stock sites do not include. Also includes quotes and social media templates.

Offers: Monthly and Quarterly Membership
Best for: Lifestyle images and women at work
Sign up for She Bold Stock

Some things to think about when using stock images

Now that we’ve created a nice list of some beautiful feminine stock photo websites, you might be wondering where to put your time and money. After all, many sites offer photos with similar themes and styles. And some offer memberships while others work on one-time payments. Here are some things to think about to help you decide:

Should you purchase a membership or a one-off image pack?

Really, I can imagine that the biggest deciding factor here is the price (for me it was, at least). But after returning again and again to some of these sites looking for specific image packs, I wanted to just go ahead and subscribe so I could get access to their fresh images, too. Memberships are more cost-effective and save you more time, of course, than a one-off purchase.

Here are some reasons that you might want to sign up for a member instead of buying stock photo sets:

  • You can access the entire photo collection

  • Get access to newly released products (usually weekly or monthly, varied by site)

  • Variety of images for different needs

  • Match your branding, match your content

  • Unlimited photo downloads

  • Set it and forget it — some sites let you give access to your teammates, so you don’t have to spend all your time sorting through libraries

Will the stock images match my brand and help me stand out?

Each of the sites in this post has its own style, and many of them also offer free images as an email opt-in so that you can gauge whether a particular site’s images will vibe with your ideal clients. And luckily, these good photo libraries have thousands of images so you probably won’t be posting the exact same thing as your creative compatriots… and you also will have your own content schedule to keep you unique!

How can you use these styled stock photos? What about their license?

Naturally, each website has its own terms of use. Most of these websites let you use their images commercially (like in your products) as long as they’re flattened, some sites let you use photos for client projects, and all of them let you use them for your own brand’s Instagram and Pinterest, etc. Be sure to check the membership’s FAQs to make sure that you comply. And if you have any questions, just email the teams. They are all really nice people behind the lens!

Wrapping it Up

Feminine stock photo memberships can save you a lot of time and headaches because you’ll have a fresh source of beautiful images as backdrops for your content. Instead of spending hours trying to source the right photos and design mockups, you can quickly go to your member library and download new images to go with your posts. So if you’re a blogger, designer, or another creative business owner, try out one of the websites in this post and see how much further your marketing can go with a little boost from gorgeous imagery.

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