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If you’re a creative business owner, coach, or blogger, we have templates to help you save time and get noticed so you can scale-up faster and live the success you crave.

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Good graphics aren't just icing on the cake. They're the cake, too!

Did you know that 63% of buyers say that a product’s graphics and images highly influence their buying choices? And that marketers spend, on average, the same amount of time creating visual content (you know, the graphics, videos, etc.) as they do on writing the words? Marketers even say that they would spend a third of their entire budget on visual content!

If you’re a blogger, a product creator, or even a coach or teacher who’s trying to stand out in a saturated market, this means two things for you: 

1) You need to be creating graphics to boost your words, and 

2) You better make sure your graphics stand out from everyone who’s trying the same thing!

But you don’t have to waste a third of your budget or spend hours each week designing. I mean, it’s not even your specialty, right? And you don’t have to agonize over creating things that “pop” or use the same templates that all your competitors have.

Because you’ve just found a unique stock of easy-to-edit, designer Canva templates that can make you look like you worked with a pro, without the price tag. 

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Our designer templates can help you:

  • Grow your blog

  • Start that side hustle

  • Launch that Course

  • Get More Engagement

  • Scale up to something bigger

If you create content and you need to get it out there to make an impact, our templates are a shortcut to your success.

Creating great graphics is as simple as...



Pick any of our Canva templates that match your brand. Or, choose a style you love and use our templates as a base to level up your look. We’re adding new designs all the time!

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Our templates are easy to edit because they’re built to look great and not break. Swap out text, images — anything! You can learn from our tutorials and help docs so you don’t get stuck on the technical bits.

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Whether you’re launching a website or going live on IG, you’ll be turning heads and booking clients with your new designs. Just don’t forget to share them with your audience for increased brand recognition and loads more engagement.

What's your template style?

Need a little help with what to wear? Take the quiz to find out how to use the secrets of magnetic design to attract the right kinds of clients!

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Kari Livingston photo designer at Creative Day

Hi, I'm Kari

I’m the designer and dreamer at Creative Day, where I help creative entrepreneurs design a brand and business that they love.

I started out as an e-commerce copywriter and after getting thoroughly disheartened with sales psychology — hey, I avoided marketing in college because I didn’t want to manipulate people into buying — I came across some blog posts that convinced me to follow my passions and do what I love.

I dove head-first into learning design and fast-forward five years, and I’ve had the chance to help hundreds (now thousands!) of bright, creative business owners grow their businesses through custom branding and design services, and now with my creative Canva and website templates.


Minimal Watercolor Instagram Quote Template

And templates helped me do it.


At each interval and each time that I wanted to make a big change in my business, I invested in templates. Website templates, social media graphics, and an inordinate number of fonts and vectors. (You can find some of my faves on the blog.)

Investing in templates helped me level-up my look when I wanted others to take me more seriously. But somewhere along the way, I got addicted to creating my own. And this past year, Canva hand-picked me to be one of their first Canva Creators and make templates for their platform.

So I guess it has paid off to do what I love, and I hope that my templates will help you find more time to create a business around your life, so that you can focus on what really matters and lead a more fulfilling life doing what you love.

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