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I just wish I didn't have to spend so much time on marketing myself!

I hear you, fellow creative because I’m right there with you. 

You’re a busy, multi-passionate, digitally driven business owner who wants to balance time at work with time at play… all while growing a brand you can retire with.

I help creatives like you crush the overwhelm by learning how to design and market their creative business with ease. Whether you want done-for you template solutions or you need a few design tips to look more profesh, here’s how I can help:

Save Time

Don't spend hours trying to Frankenstein your look. Let our designer Canva templates keep you on-brand and in-mind with your ideal clients.

Save Money

Hiring a designer is a huge expense. With our DIY templates and couress, you can learn to design your own marketing and look amazing!

Grow Your Audience

Make audience growth an easy yes with our lead magnets, social posts, slides, and more. We'll help you grow your lists and your bank account.

gorgeous Canva templates for creators

We design all of our templates in Canva because it’s so fun and easy to use! Instead of learning an entire software suite, Canva lets you edit social posts, make reels and shorts, and even hold webinars on one platform. You can get a jump-start on all your course, blog, and social graphics with my designer Canva templates. Take a look around the shop to see the latest trends.

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Courses on design and marketing

Design and marketing might not be your thing, but it sure is mine! Let me teach you essential design skills so you can DIY your graphics, and hopefully have fun doing it! We’re just getting started, so click through to find out what’s already in store.

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Meet the designer

Why, hello! I’m Kari, the designer and dreamer at Creative Day, where I help creatives like you design a business that you love.

I started out as an e-commerce copywriter but after working for several years in branding and web design, Canva contacted me out of the blue and asked me to design templates for their marketplace. Now, I get to draw and create beautiful graphics for a living while I build passive income 🙂

I’ve had the chance to help thousands of bright, creative business owners grow their brands through my design services and Canva templates. And I want to do the same for you!

Kari Livingston of Creative Day

Now it's time to Choose your adventure

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