The Top 11 Reasons Why Canva Pro is Worth It

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This post is for anyone who wonders if Canva Pro is worth it... And sneak peek, it is! Before I relied on Adobe, but now, Canva is my number one stop for designing fun graphics, fast.
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Is Canva Pro Worth it? This is one thing I kept asking myself as I reached for my credit card for yet another monthly subscription. (I was already paying full price for Adobe CC and helpless to find something that made professional-looking graphics without the price tag.

I had previously written about when you should use Canva vs. Illustrator vs. InDesign, but since writing that post last year, Canva has released so many new features that I wanted to re-validate it with this new post.

Now, the one tool that I recommend to anyone who needs to create graphics for their business it would be Canva Pro (previously called Canva For Work). I’m surprised how an app that I once thought of as elementary now contains so many quick and useful features for everything from background removal to recording interactive online presentations. 

In one year’s time, I have also offloaded most of my graphic workflow from Adobe tools to Canva. You might have been wondering if Canva Pro is worth it, and in this post, I’m going to share the top 11 ways that Canva Pro can make your design work a whole lot easier.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission if you purchase through my links.

Let’s Jump in to My Top Favorite Features of Canva Pro

1. Magic Resize

I’m starting off with Resize, which used to be called Magic Resize, but it’s still just as magical! The resize feature lets you take any layout and change its dimensions. So you can start with an Instagram post and turn it into a story, for example, and retain the same elements. Sometimes the outcome is better than others, but you might have to manually adjust things to make your layouts perfect for the new size. Still, it’s a much better solution than copy-pasting between templates, where things get cut off the page or come in the wrong size. I think it’s worth it to upgrade to Canva Pro for this feature alone!

2. Brand Kit – Upload Your Own Fonts and Colors

Another thing that saves me huge amounts of time is the Brand Kit. In Canva Pro, you can pre-load your brand fonts and colors into the Brand Kit, and even upload custom fonts. Then, every time that you want to insert text, your own brand fonts and colors come up immediately. Graphic elements like shapes and lines also pop in in your brand colors.

Top 11 Reasons Why Canva Pro is Worth It Creative Day 1

If you’re using Canva Free, you know how annoying it can be to search for the right font each time or try to re-insert the HEX code. If this is so, Canva Pro’s Brand Kit is your white horse.

3. Create Images with a Transparent Background

Thank you, Canva, for another tool that releases me from the clutches of Photoshop. Another feature only available in Canva Pro is creating a transparent background. To do this, choose a photo and use the background removal tool to automagically… take out the background! If you need to do some touch ups, you can use the brush tools to add or remove more of the image. This tool is pretty accurate, and I love using it for creating collage graphics from their huge photo library. Those who create logos in Canva will also love this feature.

Top 11 Reasons Why Canva Pro is Worth It Creative Day 2

4. 75+ Million Pro Photos and Graphic elements

Which brings me to my next favorite features, which are the Pro Photos and Pro Graphics! So technically these belong in two different places on the menu, but I use them both so frequently that they hold the same place in my heart 💖 The Pro plan gives you access to 75+ million curated, on-trend images from popular stock sites, audio, and graphic elements created by the Canva team, and uploaded by independent artists as stock assets. 

PS – You can even become a Canva Contributor and sell microstock assets on Canva. 

5. Canva Present

Did you know that you can do live presentations with Canva? While this might not be the full-featured webinar platform, Canva Present is perfect for going over designs with your team, teaching online lessons, or creating presentations for your clients. Present mode even has integrated chat for your visitors! I’ve been using Canva present lately to share my branding presentations instead of recording a separate video in Loom. I love having everything in one place!

Canva Pro Photo of colorflu flower vases and text

6. Pro Fonts

I feel like I’m doing Canva’s Pro Fonts a disservice by including them so far down the list because their ever-growing font library is genuinely useful. Canva has curated a really nice selection of typefaces on their free plans, but the Pro plan includes 3,000+ all together, including some gems that you will also find in other design marketplaces. If you make your own Canva templates to sell, keep in mind that Pro fonts aren’t editable in Canva Free, so you’ll also need a paid account to  

7. Pro Templates

If you’ve ever searched through their free template library and thought, “Meh,” or “I’ve seen this one before,” you can now have access to over 42,000+ templates with Pro. I think there are over 20 or 30 different pre-sized templates, but you can also resize them to make your own.  A new program, called Canva Creators brings you even more professionally designed templates. Some of my templates are private to those with my link, so click through to get access to my Canva templates.

Designer Canva Templates background promo

8. Work with Teammates

Do you work with a VA or have several people on your team? The Pro plan lets you share templates with them. You can organize these into folders (you only get 3 folders on the free plan, but can create many more on the Pro plan), and give teammates access to specific files.

Canva Pro Folders Edit Folder Rename

9. Ability to send designs as templates

This was a much-requested feature and they delivered! If you want to create and sell Canva templates, you can now choose to share designs as templates, instead of just sharing to view or edit like on the free plans. This great Pro feature gives you a share link that you can then pass on to buyers. When they click through, they have the option to “Use this template” so that their changes won’t affect your original design! Also, all future changes you make to that design will still be paired with that share link. Ah, I love technology.

Top 11 Reasons Why Canva Pro is Worth It Creative Day 3

10. Social Scheduling

Canva is working on improving their social scheduling platform, too. Now you can create your social graphics in Canva and schedule them to 7 different platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and a few others. I imagine that they’re working to partner with other platforms, too!

Are you trying to keep current with Pinterest’s algorithm changes by creating new, fresh content? Are you worried about overloading your posts with all these new Pins? While you can always use a scheduling program like Tailwind, or use Tasty Pins to hide new pins on your blog, you can also just create new pins and schedule them directly from Canva. Think of these like one-offs! It’s so fast and easy to create these, and you never know what can go viral from all the new Pinterest templates on Canva.

11. Curved Text!!!

Canva just released the feature letting you add curved text to any design. This is part of their text effects suite. Well, curve text is technically a Free feature, but I’m too excited and had to share this. Canva Pro users, however, are the only ones who get access to photo effects like background removal (previously described), glitch effect, duotone effect, bad TV, adn sliced images. You can use these effects to create on-trend posts and social media designs.

The Edit

There are many, many more features in Canva Pro that are worth mentioning, like the ability to create animated Gifs and Video downloads. But the list can go on, and I think it’s better that you just try the ” class=”rank-math-link”>Canva Pro 30-day free trial to learn how to use things yourself!

After the 30-day trial, you’ll have the option to downgrade to the Free version again, but all the Pro features you used before will be locked. Otherwise, upgrade to a monthly or yearly subscription to make your design life so much easier!

What do you love using Canva for? Tell me in the comments below!

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